Recovering from Back Pain


Recovering from back pain is a real challenge for patients whose lives are literally taken over by their tormenting conditions. After years of suffering and seemingly endless unsuccessful attempts at treatment, many patients simply become resolved to a fate of continuing agony. In order to recover, it is crucial for any back pain patient to never give up on the goal of permanently ending their pain.

Back ache has a reputation as a chronic and treatment resistant health concern. The back pain industry is a multi-billion dollar medical specialty which is growing by leaps and bounds every year. However, there are few medical, complementary or alternative therapy options which really work well to cure back pain. Symptomatic treatment is the typical regimen offered and when this fails, surgery is usually prescribed as a last resort option.

Dorsalgia patients commonly endure an endless procession of tests and treatments Dorsalgia Unspecified. They are manipulated, injected, adjusted, exercised and drugged, but rarely enjoy any lasting relief. Why is back pain such a troublesome condition to cure? The answer to this question is deceptively simple. The condition is not difficult to heal, but it is sometimes very difficult to accurately diagnose…

Back ache is most often blamed on some form of spinal trauma or degenerative process. Doctors diagnose hundreds of individual pain syndromes which are supposedly caused by a structural abnormality in the spine or back muscles. However, the vast majority of these irregularities are normally found amongst the general population and typically do not produce any pain or symptoms. The most common of these conditions includes: herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. Why then are these mostly innocent and asymptomatic conditions blamed for 99% of chronic back pain occurrences?

Back pain, like all conditions of wellness and disease, can be caused or cured by the interaction of the mind and the body. These 2 aspects of the self are interrelated in all matters of health and illness. Back ache, in particular, has a long history of being a psychosomatic pain syndrome which is caused by repressed emotional anguish. Although this process is documented and accepted in certain aspects of healthcare, it is virtually ignored within the back pain treatment specialty. Why? Once again, the answer is deceptively simple.

Symptomatic back ache therapies are highly profitable. Keeping a patient in a structured treatment regimen insures a return customer and an optimized profit margin for today’s combined care practices. Most health care providers know that their treatments have little, if any, chance of resolving a patient’s pain. However, they provide hope and action, thereby enslaving the suffering soul in an endless quest for relief, even though the search is most often disappointing. Is there a better way to deal with back pain?

Dr. John Sarno of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU Medical Center, has been successfully treating hopeless back ache patients for decades. His knowledge therapy approach shatters the myths and misconceptions about the actual causes of most chronic back pain conditions. Dr. Sarno has proven that by integrating the mind and body, a patient can reprogram their anatomy to end pain once and for all. This approach has been a life saver to countless patients, including this thankful author.

If your life is out of control due to your chronic back ache, you might very well find lasting relief using this highly effective knowledge therapy approach. Best of all, the treatment is free, or at least very low cost, and can be done at home by the patient. Millions of patients have used these techniques to cure not only back pain, but also a plethora of psychogenic pain conditions ranging from ulcers to headaches, fibromyalgia to irritable bowel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome to temporomandibular joint syndrome. Recovering from chronic pain requires a treatment directed at the actual causation of the symptoms. Knowledge therapy has become the treatment of choice for millions and has silenced critics within the medical community with its effective statistics for permanently ending chronic pain.

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