Military Medal Collecting and the Stolen Valor Act 2005 – Collectors of US War Medals Beware!


Army decorations are classic yet care needs to be taken when it comes to their sale or purchase. There are no limitations in the selling of British military medals, by way of instance, yet the exact same may not be claimed of U.S. military medals. A differentiation should be produced between service awards along with gallantry medals. The sale of service chords is lawful but the sale of gallantry awards, around the surface of it, is maybe not and could land you with a massive fine and possibly a good prison sentence.

Service medals are awarded to all servicemen in popularity of their ceremony in a particular theatre of war or campaign. Being there is sufficient to qualify for that decoration but so I should clarify I am in no way trying to belittle the donation produced by most of servicemen and girls when on active service laser awards.

Gallantry awards to the other hand are all awarded for acts of conspicuous bravery at the surface of the enemy or conduct far above the call of responsibility.

The highest award at the British Army may be the Victoria Cross and a number of the very famous kinds granted is seen in the Imperial War Museum and also the National Army Museum. The selling of this Victoria Cross isn’t prohibited under British regulation and so might there be a number of sizable collections of Victoria Crosses in hands. Hardly ever does one Victoria Cross come up for sale in the auction but when it will take exactly the hammer price tag will usually exceed $120,000.00.

At the U.S. military that the maximum award for gallantry would be the Medal of Honor, awarded to some serviceman who distinguishes himself”. . In addition, it can be awarded to services females, naturally.

The Medal of Honor is protected from the Stolen Valor Act and its misuse is actually a federal offense. It is punishable on conviction by a fine up to $100,000.00 as well as a jail sentence of up to a single year at span. Wearing it and different gallantry medals whenever you’re not entitled to do so (and couple are!) Is an crime and is the main purpose of this Act. It will, however, mean that all collectors of army awards have to be familiar with the stipulations of Stolen Valor Act, which came into power in


The Stolen Valor Act renders criminal the unauthorized usage, manufacture, purchase or assert (either written or verbal) to any U.S. army trophy. Its intention is to defend the standing and importance of gallantry medals and it has been chiefly designed to block the fabrication and purchase of fakes. Its effect, however, has been to forbid their wider sale. Take note, therefore, that it will apply to any U.S. gallantry decoration available for sale. You were warned!

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